IN THE SPOTLIGHT presented URINETOWN, music & lyrics by Mark Hollman and book & lyrics by Greg Kotis, on  July 22, 23, and 24th at the Klein Memorial Auditorium in Bridgeport, CT. 



The summer of 2016 was the first for In The Spotlight as it became a program operated by the  The Mighty Quinn Foundation.   We will continue to offer a six week theater program culminating in four performances open to the public and we are pleased to announce the program will now be filled with more educational opportunities throughout the rehearsal process. Don't worry, that doesn't mean there will be homework!  We are excited to include opportunities like master classes with working professionals, and some In The Spotlight alums, to limit downtime during the rehearsal weeks, and add to participants overall theatrical knowledge. These master classes will focus on proper auditioning technique, Linklater vocal technique, acting the song, improv, and what a life in the theatre is truly like. It is our hope that these additional opportunities will add to the participants overall experience, and help them to put on an even better production at the end of the rehearsal process.