The More You Know


About The Program

In The Spotlight is a 6 week rehearsal process (Mon-Thurs evenings) culminating in 4 performances of a musical. Rehearsals focus on music, dance, and blocking. In the early weeks each rehearsal tends to focus on one of the three categories above. As the program progresses, each rehearsal will have a bit of all 3. So make sure you come prepared to move at each of the rehearsals in the latter half of the summer. The Program Fee is $150 (Stratford Resident) or $200 (Non-Stratford Resident). We also ask that all participants sell $100 in ads for the program book.

Tech Calls

Part of the educational component of this program is technical theatre. Each participant is required to attend two set build calls prior to the performances, and everyone is required to attend the set strike. More details will be available at the start of the first rehearsal about the available call days. Please keep in mind no one will be asked to do anything they are not comfortable with. Some students are comfortable with a drill in their hand, while others would prefer a paintbrush. While we would like everyone to try their best at everything, no one job is more important than another. So, please, never be afraid to say if something is outside of your comfort zone.


At In The Spotlight we do our best to treat each participant as if they were a working professional. We want to foster a fun and creative working environment, but also pride ourselves on teaching the students what is expected of them in the outside theatrical world. We ask that participants attend every rehearsal they are scheduled for, are there on time, and stay focused for the duration. Once a scene is blocked, it is their responsibility to learn. It is recommended that they bring a pencil and a bottle of water with them to rehearsal. It is required that they wear close toed shoes to rehearsal, as well, unless the costume designer has told them otherwise. Please come in comfortable clothing, and ready to work.


One of the ways our program sets itself apart from others is by offering Masterclasses on different subjects throughout the summer. These include Acting the Song, Dance Auditions, Auditioning 101, Educational Theatre, Set Building, and Costuming. There are certain classes that are guaranteed to happen each summer, while others are dependent upon the cast. If extra rehearsals are required for a certain dance number, that might eliminate a masterclass from the schedule. So it's always best to practice on your own before rehearsal each day.