In The Spotlight Intensive

Unfortunately, due to the elimination of certain local grants, In The Spotlight will not be operating in its typical fashion this summer. While this is a temporary setback, it is one we’re committed to remedying by Summer 2020, when we’ll be operating as usual and producing a full musical. On a more positive note, we’re utilizing this summer as an educational opportunity, and would like to hear from all of you!

We will be offering week long “theatre intensives” throughout the summer that can be tailored to the participants’ interests. These intensives will likely cost around $50 a week, and will be designed/scheduled based on the responses we receive. There are still performance opportunities for the students, but not each week will include a public performance, as not all of the areas of study lend themselves to such a task. These performances will likely be on the grounds of the Shakespeare Theatre, and free will donations will be accepted from the audience.

While each week will focus on a different area of study, it is possible for us to offer sessions multiple times throughout the summer (or multiple times a day if there’s enough interest). So please be as honest as possible with your survey responses, and feel free to share it with anyone that it might be of interest to (current college students included). Full details will be made available by June 7th, once we have heard from all of you!

 The 2019 Intensive Survey can be found here!