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Young Frankenstein is a show that encompasses a little bit of everything. You have contemporary musical theatre moments enveloped in a golden age world. It's modern humor with the large dance numbers you frequently only find in revivals. It's an amazing piece to learn from, as well as watch. The show takes place in the 19th Century world of Transylvania, yet in present day. The rest of the world kept moving, while their surroundings stayed the same, or did they? No matter your background as a performer, this show has something for everyone!

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Performances will be at 7pm on July 26, 27, & 29th.

There is also a 2pm matinee on July 29th.


At: Bunnell High School

1 Bulldog Blvd
Stratford, CT, 06614
United States


A Note From The Producer...

Young Frankenstein is 100% a Mel Brooks show. I want to make sure all of the parents know that from the start. The humor is modern, and there are sexual jokes and innuendo scattered throughout the script. Is it a show your young children cannot see? Absolutely not! There are no graphic lines or songs, only playful innuendo, and references to acts that happen off stage. There will be jokes that mean one thing to the parents, and another thing entirely to the younger audience members. During our rehearsal process we plan on making sure those jokes are known to the cast, and that they are handled appropriately. That being said, what's special about this script is that the women are in complete control over their own sexuality. They don't need men to tell them their worth, and they have no problem taking control over the dialogue in a scene. Though there are some men in the play that might view them as objects at the start, they make sure to inform them, and the audience, that this is not the case. So we hope that everyone feels comfortable coming and auditioning this year, and if any parents have any questions, I'd be more than happy to answer them! Just use the "contact" page on this website or email InTheSpotlightStratford@gmail.com.
-Mick Gloss